The position of "Hat Master" World Expedition project

The position on the Project "Hat Master"
September 29 , 15:59
The approximate position of the holding
World expedition «Hat Master» (« Mastershlyapp ")

1. General Provisions

1.1. This Regulation defines the objectives , the order of the round-the-world expedition «Hat Master» (« Mastershlyapp ") (hereinafter - the Project) .
1.2. The project is carried out in a fixed time frame, from 01.04.2014 and lasts about 120 days , with complete coverage of the globe, crossing all meridians.
1.3. The authors of the project - the citizens of the Russian Federation Smolyuk Valery Uvarov and Oleg (hereinafter - the authors ), the organizers - LLC "Optima" and OOO TG "Snowstorm".
1.4. The project is non-commercial, funded by the sponsors, organizers and potential sponsors.
1.5. Goals and Objectives of the Project:
- Mutual learning of the cultural heritage of the peoples of different countries in the field of manufacturing of national headgear;
- The acquisition of national headgear or exchange them to create the city of Kirov region Vyatskie Polyana Museum headgear.
- Promotion of the Kirov region;

2 . The participants of the organizing committee and the project partners

2.1. Maximum allowable number of project participants that are crewed vehicle (hereinafter - Crew ) - Four people , two of which - the sponsors, perform the functions of the drivers, one a professional journalist, a translator. The functions of the journalist and translator can be combined with one crew member . The crew alone is responsible for his physical, technical training, damage to the equipment used and knowledge of traffic regulations.
2.2. The Organizing Committee provides ongoing guidance, preparation and implementation of the project, according to the route and schedule, hopes the event's budget. The Organizing Committee of the Project includes authors , Project Manager and coordinator of the route.
2.3 . In agreement with the authors to participate in the project can be brought other members as partners ( sponsors) on a contractual basis. The partners may be government, public and commercial organizations of all forms of ownership, have expressed a desire to participate in the Project, taking its goals and objectives. Partners may provide financial, organizational, informational assistance in the preparation and implementation of the Project.

3 . Sponsors of the project.

3.1. As part of the Kirov region The project is different uniqueness and novelty of ideas, socially significant goals and objectives. The attractiveness of the project for the sponsors is an interesting route, the crew is always available to the press, the Internet users, citizens of the route.
3.2. Offers potential sponsors include:
- Placing on clothes, car, website information about the sponsors ;
- Demonstration of the technical capabilities of the equipment and supplies ;
- Information on participation as a sponsor in the media , blog , during a press conference;
- Information about the sponsors may be contained in the final publications, travel, travel books, photo albums, travel diary online.

4 . The Project

4.1. The project is being implemented in seven phases: the first phase is preparatory, follow five stages - the passage route with fixed start and end points and the timing of this leg , the seventh stage - final.
4.2. In the preparatory phase are implemented:
Coordinator of the route
- Registration required visa documents;
- Detailing the route and timing of the passage of its stages with the customs regulations of the route;
- Organization of transport vehicles on the sea;
- Insurance;
project Manager
- Search for potential participants, partners, sponsors of the Russian Federation and the legalization of their participation;
- Interaction with the media;
- Search for information on national headgear of the peoples of the route;
- Study and approval of activities in the form of press conferences with the participation of the inhabitants of the route for the exchange of national headgear ;
- Moderation of groups in social networks, online OOO TG "Snowstorm " blog ;
sponsored parties crew
- The acquisition , preparation, maintenance of the car;
- Selection and purchase of equipment, navigation equipment and facilities;
- The acquisition of National hats for the exchange;
- The organization of a mobile office;
- Registration of international human rights;
- A medical examination , the availability of vaccinations;
4.3. Progress along the route is by car. Transportation vehicles from one continent to another is carried out by sea, the crew delivered by air or any other possible way.
The route is calculated on five stages:
first stage - Russia - China;
the second phase - Australia - New Zealand - Hawaii;
the third stage - the U.S. - Mexico - United States;
fourth stage - Morocco - Spain - Portugal - France - Belgium, the fifth stage - Norway - Sweden - Finland - Russia.
Detailing the route and timing of its passage are presented in the Appendix, the route may be changed and updated at any stage of the Project.
4.4. During the period of the route are made:
- Exchange (purchase ) of national headgear;
- Meeting with the press, national communities, museums, and masters for the production of national headgear;
- Photo and video recording of the route, events, meetings;
- Gathering information about the headgear (history, technology creation).
4.5. The final stage is carried out:
- Finishing photo and video tour , their publication;
- The possible publication of albums and books;
- A financial report on expenditure of funds;
- Reports about cars, photo and video equipment, computer and communications technology (if necessary);
- Classification and description of the exhibits received for onward transmission to the museum.

5 . Technical support for the project

5.1. The primary means of transportation used car, specially prepared for long journeys: pickup service with the ability to mark in any country of the world. By car to be installed GPS-navigator and other equipment necessary for the purposes of the Project.
5.2 . Navigation, communication and computer equipment of the Project shall be calculated on the full and continuous mode of communication.
During the expedition route should operate a mobile office , providing for the crew to fully participate in the business processes of their organizations. Expedition equipment must be designed to ensure reliable communication from any point, and let other than voice communication, transfer and information about the current location of the expedition, photos, videos, video conferencing , to carry out the work of web - cameras directly on the route.
5.3. The list and the parameters required and optional equipment and the equipment must be approved by the authors of the Project no later than two months before the start of the route. Allowed refinement and change items of equipment , both before and during the route. Replacement equipment provided by sponsors , is allowed only in case of failure, as agreed.

6. Additional provisions

6.1. The authors of the project have exclusive rights to photos, video , film and printed materials produced by their order in the framework of the implementation of the Project.
6.2 . Additional information, such as:
- Timetable for the preparation phase;
- The list of sponsors;
- Detailing the route and timing of its passage;
- City - venue for press conferences;
- The approximate budget of the Project;
- A list of parameters and the required and optional equipment and gear;
issued in the form of supplements and Regulations, approved by the Organizing Committee.